What My Clients Are Saying…

At first I had some hesitation in regards to taking a birthing class because I had the preconceived notion that it would be a lamaze class and it would be something I could easily read about online. However this class was nothing like that and instead I felt more prepared for the birthing process than I would have had I gone to a lamaze class. Mary, our instructor showed me many different techniques to ease labor pains and how to breathe through contractions. A week after my husband and I finished our classes I was in labor and all her guidance really helped me to keep a level head and enjoy the birth of my daughter.
Luisiana, San Dimas, CA

Thanks to Mary, Franklin and I went into labor and delivery with enough knowledge to somewhat control my birthing experience. I thought we would have been overwhelmed with all the information packed in her classes but it was surprising to realize how much we were able to retain and recall during “go time”. Mary’s interactive class was key!
Diana, Pasadena, CA

Mary is a passionate, educated, empathic and hands on instructor. My husband and I feel much more prepared and calm (well, as calm as one could hope to be!) as we approach the birth of our first child. Mary has a plethora of experience both as a teacher and as a mother herself. She also has a network of referrals/resources which I found to be extremely helpful….she recommended the doula we are using and we will be calling the lactation consultant she suggested. I have felt very comfortable texting Mary with questions and have been so supported by her thoughtful responses and offers to research a subject/question that she may not have an immediate answer for. We are grateful for Mary and had a wonderful BirthWell Class experience!! She has been a vital and integral part of our preparing for baby education!!
Miranda, Eagle Rock, CA

Mary offers a great class that answers questions for both the expectant mother and father. We felt very prepared and loved that Mary supported us in our pursuit of an unmedicated childbirth in the hospital. We loved hearing her story and appreciated all of the information she shared with us in each lesson. Thanks Mary!!
Lisa, Pasadena, CA

My husband and I are thankful for the private sessions with Mary. The course was very informative, and Mary was very personable. We felt prepared going into labor, and therefore I was able to overcome my fears of the unknown for my first birth. I was able to apply a lot of the practical laboring and breathing techniques we learned, which helped me to birth my baby naturally, with no meds or intervention. I labored for 21 hours, and the best part was holding my baby in my arms after one push! I highly recommend Mary to anyone looking for birthing classes.
Leslie, Arcadia, CA

Mary was very accommodating of our circumstances. She allowed us to take her classes in her home, as we did not have a space to meet in.
Mary was always enthusiastic to see us, and passionate about what she was teaching.
Mary also used lots of real life examples, from her birth experience, which were informative.
Lara, Glendale, CA

I had a great time and I’m more then blessed to have found you and Kathy to help bring me up to speed. Just when I was feeling lost and overwhelmed you have given me the info to feel more at ease.
Rosanna, Glendale, CA

In anticipation of the birth of my second child, I took a refresher course with Mary at Birthwell Class. I found the session to be highly targeted to my specific needs, particularly as a second-time mother-to-be. I learned some new things, and refreshed my memory on others, with attention to my previous experience and how I hoped to handle this time differently. I appreciated all the materials Mary provided during and after class. She even followed up with me on some specific concerns, digging up resources that helped me and my husband think through certain aspects of the process beforehand. The review gave me an opportunity to get my mind into the best place for the process and to enter labor relaxed and confident. I credit this class for preparing me for the best possible labor and delivery experience.
Jennifer S., Altadena, CA

Mary really tailored our birthing class too our specific needs. Since this was our second baby and we were having a home birth, I asked her to focus on laboring techniques to help deal with the contractions and the pain. I loved that she really took our needs into account and personalized the class for us. I feel that I got a lot of very useful tools and techniques, mental and physical, on how to prepare and deal with the pain of labor. She also recommended some great books that were super helpful in preparing for labor.  I felt like the class really mentally prepared me for the intensity of the experience.

Meeting with Mary was really great in that she is so personal and warm and being able to talk to her about my anxieties helped calm me and take the fear out of the anticipation of labor.
Ultimately, I think I had a better birthing experience because of the class and was able to cope with the pain of natural childbirth more effectively.
Arin R.,Glendale, CA

Mary, thank you for providing us with such a wonderful experience at our childbirth refresher course! The information was extremely helpful and you are such a thoughtful, compassionate and effective instructor.  Though there were a lot of things I remembered, there were a lot of important “details,” tips, and techniques we needed to be reminded of.  It brought back a lot of wonderful memories and I feel really ready now.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is expecting. Thank you!

Bonnie Z.,Santa Barbara, CA