About Me

I am a mother, a wife, a crafting  junkie and a childbirth educator.

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child in 2009, I felt overwhelmed.  Between the Internet, reality shows and books—as well as tons of unsolicited advice—I didn’t know who or what was right.  So, I did what many women do: I asked my closest, most trusted friends about their experiences and I listened carefully to their suggestions.  My husband and I did some research, and we decided we would try for a natural childbirth.

Next, we took classes with a certified childbirth educator.  We read books recommended by our teacher. We learned to become more proactive with our caregiver and I discovered a great deal about my body and myself.  We hired a fantastic doula. We studied . . . we opened our minds.   As a result, I’ve had two healthy pregnancies and two unmedicated, intervention-free childbirths in a hospital setting.

After the birth of my daughter, I discovered that my interest in pregnancy and childbirth had not waned.  I still wanted to talk about childbirth with whoever cared to discuss it, and I still wanted to study the latest theories on childbirth.  I decided to combine my love for the topic with my love for teaching; I could help educate others so they too could have an inspired childbirth experience.  So, I completed my certification as a childbirth educator through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA).

Prior to starting BirthWell Class, I was a high school instructor.  During my 7 years in the classroom, I earned my Master of Arts in Education and gained a wealth of experience implementing research-based strategies that help people to truly learn.  As your childbirth educator, I draw upon my training to help you comfortably navigate your pregnancy and your childbirth experience.

BirthWell Class provides thorough, unbiased, research-based information to expectant couples in an interactive and fun way. Through BirthWell Class, expectant parents gain the confidence to work proactively with their caregivers, make informed decisions during pregnancy and childbirth, and enjoy a positive birthing process.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two of life’s most enriching and important experiences, and what you learn during these times can’t be left to chance!

See you in class!